The Journey

The Journey
An adventure to practice geography, languages and writing skills

The Journey is a set made of a travel diary, a world map, action cards and a lot of stickers to make your imaginary trip around the world. A journey you won’t forget!

This set will allow you to make an imaginary trip around the world during the whole school year. Each person will record its own adventure in the travel journey and choose a destiny for the next traveller. Moreover, you will have a map and different stickers to flag the places that you visited, action cards to introduce unexpected turns into the travel stories and visa stickers to put into your corrected travel journey.

To have a more detailed look of the product, you can download the dossier.

Content list: 
  • Travel journey for 40 stories: 90 A5 pages
  • Envelope 'Next destination.': 1 A4 pages
  • World map: 1 A3 page
  • 11 stickers for the suitcase: 3 A4 pages
  • 45 Visa stickers: 3 A4 page
  • Coloured flags for destinies: 1 A4 page
  • Predefined action cards: 1 A4 page
  • Blank action cards: 1 A4 page
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