Crazy Seasons

Crazy Seasons
A memory game about every-day plants, their leaves fruits and harvesting season.

Crazy Seasons is a memory game in which players not only have to remember where the pair card is but also the season to which it corresponds! The goal of the game is to learn to associate each fruit and leave to its trees and corresponding season, not only to know our environment better when we are going for a walk or on a field trip, but also to pick the most delicious (and nutritionally more complete!) seasonal fruits. Yummy!

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Content list: 
  • Crazy Seasons game instructions
  • Crazy Seasons game variants instructions
  • Don’t ask for chestnuts in spring game instructions
  • 20 tree cards (5x summer trees, 5x winter trees, 5x autumn trees y 5x spring trees)
  • 20 fruit cards (5x summer fruits, 5x winter fruits, 5x autumn fruits y 5x spring fruits)
  • 20 leaves cards (5x summer leaves, 5x winter leaves, 5x autumn leaves and 5x spring leaves)
  • 4 season cards (1x summer, 1x winter, 1x autumn y 1x spring)
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