About us

We are a team of artists and teachers that are trying to put some fun, emotions and beautiful stuff into your schools. A group of friends playing to be magicians, superheroes, wrenches, good-bye kisses before going to school.

We believe in a different kind of education and therefore we want to make our contribution to it. We are here to create beautiful things that go along with your learning process. We create games, tools and excuses to have fun while learning. We also want to generate complicity, fun and critical thought.

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Do you want to meet our Dream Team, our compilation who always has the goal to make you smile? Click on the pictures!


Artist. Teacher. The friend/mother/sister that everybody wants to have. Polar star. Master in cinnamon buns and fun.

Teacher that decided to join together her best friends talents to create Go, teachers, go! She adds happiness, inspiration and order to our lives. Optimistic, dreamful, tough, fierce, tireless and the coordinator of this project.


Artist. Daily teacher. Provoker. Smile provider. Master in detail and party-cheering.

It would be impossible to imagine this group without his art, love and "alegría" that comes directly from Andalucía. In each meeting, Manu passes his joy on to us with his smile, his honesty and his wit. And last, but not least, he transforms each little activity into an incredible artistic experience. That’s why we miss him every time he’s not around!


Philologist. Teacher. Amiability in four languages. German industrial machine. Master in galician empanadas and make up.

With her incredible ability to organize , develop and put into practice our ideas, Cris is the perfect mix of galician fun and german perfectionism. Her love for teaching and languages, the kindness with which she prepares all her contents, material or presents for her students, her working ability, her camaraderie, turn her into a must for our project.


Biologist. Environmental teacher. Designer. Master in paellas and spanish omelettes. The best godmother in the whole world.

If mother nature thinks about somebody to smile, that’s our catalan friend. Seeing her humbleness, her good heart and her love for the small details, she gets us all to appreciate the small things that are around us. A tiny moment with her and you will learn to know, respect and take care of you environment as never before. On top of that, you will always want to know more!


Sociologist. Magician. Story teller. Surprise-party thrower. Master in board games and "papas con mojo picón".

The island friend that’s always there for you. A buddy that knows how to listen. The one that makes you feel good about yourself. The one who knows when to cheer you up or to put you back to reality. On one hand, he gives serenity, sanity and reality into our lives. On the other hand, he also knows how to get magic from every small or big thing, the detail in every kind of it He also knows how to transfer us into another world through one of his wonderful games.


Biologist. Computer Scientist. Swiss clock hand. International smile. Master in efficiency and fondues.

Michi is our computer scientist friend who takes care of the technical aspects of our project. He helps us to organize and to create out networks of communication to be able to reach you through our website. He is also the one who cheers us up to go on, no matter what. The friend, who never says no when he knows how to help you go further.