Time Capsule

Time Capsule
Store your dreams in the time capsule for the future you!

Each set has an envelope (not available in the digital version), 2 stickers, 3 A4 sheets y 1 A3 sheet. With all this you will be able to generate a time capsule, and from the time capsule, a spacecraft and a landing runway. With this project we wanted to develop the time capsule idea and apply it to the joy of starting a new course and fulfilling our learning wishes.

It’s recommendable to use this project in two different occasions. The farther these occasions are separated from each other, the more special this project will be come. Perfectly would be the beginning and end of the course, especially in the first years of primary school. But the choice of when to use it is completely yours.

To have a more detailed look of the product, you can download the dossier.

5,00 €